Water conservation plan initiated in Lethbridge and area

The City of Lethbridge is asking residents and business owners to cut down on their water usage in the midst of drought-like conditions.

Officials announced the measures on Thursday as “extended dry, hot weather conditions” are having an impact on southern Alberta’s water supplies.

All of the rules are voluntary, the city said, and will work to prevent a mandatory conservation plan in the future.

“Residents, businesses and institutions are asked to take whatever actions they can – big or small – to conserve water,” the city said in a statement.

“Every drop matters and everyone has a role to play in helping conserve water in their community and for their neighbours downstream.”

Residents and businesses can conserve water by:

  • Limiting all outdoor water usage, including watering lawns and washing cars;
  • Do not let your taps run unnecessarily and think of ways to reuse water;
  • Minimize showers and baths;
  • Use washing machines and dishwashers only when necessary; and
  • Flush toilets only when necessary.

The city said it is employing its own measures to conserve water by suspending the washing of city vehicles to only when it is necessary due to safety concerns, reducing watering in public areas and temporarily closing the Gyro Spray Park at Nicholas Sheran and Rotary Fountain in Galt Gardens for Thursday.

Officials said the Legacy Park Spray Park will remain open.

The City of Lethbridge provides water to Coaldale, Coalhurst, Picture Butte, Monarch, Diamond City, Shaughnessy, Iron Springs, Turin and other regional communities.

All of the above listed areas are asked to follow the guidelines and brainstorm other ways to cut down on water usage.

These measures will remain in place until further notice.

Further information on drought conditions in Alberta can be found on the province’s website.