Convicted cop impersonator nabbed again

Steven J. Nemec has allegedly held a wide spectrum of law enforcement jobs for such a young man. By the time he turned 33 earlier this year, Nemec had served as a federal marshal, a cop, a sheriff’s officer, a Federal Aviation Administration officer, a disaster relief worker and a state fire inspector.

Add to that impressive resume, attorney and relator, an old term referring to a person who can gain approval from the attorney general to address civil suits or enforcement actions. A relator acts with authority on behalf of the state. The only problem is that Nemec, despite props like badges, documents, guns and county seals, isn’t any of those things. Instead, over more than the last decade, Nemec made a name for himself for breaking the law by pretending to be a member of it. Currently, Nemec is awaiting his fate in San Mateo County Jail after being arrested for reportedly claiming to be a state “relator” to get confidential records of a former business partner in San Carlos.