Dog poisoned by woman, beaten to death in domestic violence case, cops say

MICHIGAN CITY — A 23-year-old woman is behind bars on allegations of poisoning a dog in a domestic violence case, which resulted in the animal puking, passing blood and eventually being left unable to move before it was beaten to death with a hammer, police said.

“That’s why I gave your dog a (expletive) tune blunt (synthetic marijuana) and killed that (expletive),” Brienna Comer allegedly said on a voice message left for the girlfriend of the dog’s owner.

Bruno and Brienna Comer

“(Expletive) your dog. (Expletive) Bruno. I hope he died a painful (expletive) death,” according to the message.

The dog’s owner reportedly told police Oct. 21 that his dog Bruno had died a week before he was made aware of the voice message.

Bruno, a brown and white pit bull, had been in good health up until a couple days before his death, the owner told police. When the dog was in an immense amount of pain and could no longer move due to the poisoning, the owner said he had an acquaintance “put down Bruno” by striking the animal in the head with a hammer “to prevent further suffering,” police said.

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“(The owner) stated that he was unable to afford to take his dog to a veterinarian for treatment, testing, or to be put down due to him being on a fixed income,” police said.

The voice on the message was identified as belonging to Comer, who was dating the brother of the dog’s owner, which is how she gained access to the animal, police said. Officers learned she was homeless and were thus unable to immediately locate her for questioning.

The deceased had been at Milan for 13 months after pleading guilty in 2022 to producing child sexual abuse images.

Police further learned that Comer was at the home where Bruno lived at the time the animal became sick and that she smoked synthetic marijuana daily.

A local veterinarian reportedly told police that synthetic marijuana is more potent to dogs than naturally-grown marijuana and can lead to the symptoms described for Bruno.

Comer was booked into the LaPorte County Jail on Monday and appeared to remain behind bars as of Thursday morning. She faces a felony count of animal cruelty for the purpose of domestic violence, records show.