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The owner of a missing parrot has issued a desperate plea for people to find her beloved pet.

Tas Sulaman has offered a reward of £500 to the person who can return her unique parrot to her.

Mitthu the Indian ring-neck parrot can speak multiple languages and imitate a number of different animals.

He flew out of his Pear Tree home on December 26 and has not been seen since despite the desperate attempts to find him.

Ms Sulaman said: “I just think it’s a case of someone has him and they are not aware who he belongs to, it’s been that long now.

“He will respond to his name, he will talk back and they will find out it’s him.”

It’s not just Mitthu’s bright green plumage and fluorescent pink beak that set him apart.

Ms Sulaman claims her feathered friend can speak a grand total of three languages and is versed in English, Urdu and Punjabi.

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Furthermore, Mitthu can reportedly “meow like a cat” and cough like Ms Sulaman’s 75-year-old mother.

She said: “He has such a big character, everyone that saw him would say that he had such a big character.

“I live with my mum and we spend the evenings together watching TV and that’s when we miss him the most.

“He is like a child for our family. It was horrible the first few days when he went missing, my mum just cried.”

Ms Sulaman said her two-year-old pet will answer to his own name and he is distinguishable by his language skills.

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Although Mitthu will not eat seeds, she said he will chow down on “whatever you give him” including chips, crisps and fruit.

According to his heartbroken owner, Mitthu doesn’t “squawk like a parrot” preferring to converse in words instead.

Since his great escape last month, Ms Sulaman has increased the reward for his safe return from £100 to £500.

She said: “I just want him back home. I’m still totally devastated, I miss him like crazy especially in the evening.”

Anyone who has an idea of Mitthu’s whereabouts should call 07578981144.