Jury splits verdict in child sexual abuse case

A Pittsburg County jury on Friday found a Stuart man guilty on three of six counts of sex crimes against a child.

The jury deliberated for just less than three hours Friday before finding Robert Glen Craig, 42, guilty of child sexual abuse, oral sodomy, and lewd molestation.

Jurors recommended Craig to serve 30 years for the sexual abuse charge, 20 years for sodomy, and 15 years for lewd molestation.

Craig was charged with the crimes in 2019 after a 10-year-old girl came forward with allegations of Craig sexually abusing her for several years.

District 18 Assistant District Attorney James Tillison told jurors during closing arguments the case was centered around the victim’s allegations and the evidence.

“We’re taking the word of a child that is collaborated with evidence,” Tillison said.

The victim’s DNA was found on two sexual devices, with Craig claiming the DNA could have came from the victim touching the devices when she was unattended. Craig’s DNA was also found on a pair of the girl’s underwear.

Ronnie May, Craig’s defense attorney, pointed to the testimony of an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent who said he could not test how DNA arrived on items.

The defense attorney also said that the availability of information to a child on the internet can help a 10-year-old obtain the needed information to make up a lie against somebody.

District 18 First Assistant District Attorney Adam Scharn said DNA shouldn’t have been found on the devices or the child’s underwear in the first place.

“His DNA should not be anywhere near her underwear,” Scharn said. “With all of the evidence, there is no reasonable doubt.”

Craig will be formally sentenced on a later date following the conclusion of a pre-sentence investigation.

The man is also currently awaiting trial on a separate charge of child sexual abuse after a separate victim came forward with sexual abuse allegations following his initial arrest in 2019.