Katy crime: Local pastor found guilty of indecent assault, sentenced to jail

A Katy resident has been sentenced to one year in county jail and received a $4,000 fine for Indecent Assault. The verdict was delivered by Judge Dean Hrbacek in County Court at Law No. 6, marking a significant legal outcome for Fort Bend County.

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The case revolved around an incident in 2021, where 46-year-old Gregorio Maldonado, a former pastor of a Stafford church, was found guilty of inappropriately touching a young woman who was a member of his congregation. Authorities say the victim, who also lived with Maldonado and his family in Katy, was subjected to unwanted advances while she slept. Despite the victim’s initial reluctance to speak out, she eventually told her father about the assault in January 2022, leading to legal proceedings.

A jury convicted Gregorio Maldonado of Indecent Assault before Judge Dean Hrbacek assessed the maximum punishment

Lead prosecutor Michelle Anderson highlighted the abuse of trust by Maldonado, noting the victim’s courage in coming forward despite the defendant’s position of authority within the church and her family. 


“The defendant abused his position of trust, and the victim has had to wait years for her day in court. She has suffered invisible scars left by the defendant, some of which will remain for the rest of her life,” said Anderson. “But she is a survivor. She now plans on using her traumatic experience to benefit other victims; she plans on going to the police academy to become an investigator for sexual crimes.”

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District Attorney Brian Middleton emphasized the significance of the case, stating that it sets a precedent against such egregious behavior and abuse of power in Fort Bend County. He noted that Indecent Assault was previously considered a Class C offense until 2019 when legislative changes increased its severity.