Man arrested on animal cruelty charge

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On Dec. 19, 2022, Cameron County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 2000 block of Resaca Santa Dr. in San Benito, in reference to a canine disturbance.

Upon arrival, Deputies made contact with a complainant who stated that her son observed their neighbor strangle their Chihuahua canine. According to a statement by the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department, the complainant further stated that her son witnessed the neighbor pick up the dog, strangle it with both hands, and then place it in a black trash bag.

The complainant reported she confronted her neighbor and he told her that was the last time they would see their dog. The complainant was able to see her neighbor on the north side of his property, but was not able to observe exactly what he was doing.

According to the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department statement, the deputies made contact with the neighbor, Valentin Ramirez, 67 years old. Ramirez reported to the deputies that two canines entered his property, and he tried to scare them away with a sling shot. Ramirez provided the deputies with consent to enter and search his property.

After searching the property, the deputies located the dead Chihuahua inside the black trash on the north side of Ramirez’s property, matching the statement given by the complainant. The complainant identified the deceased Chihuahua as her pet.

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