Reward offered for dog missing from Berrien Co. senior center

HARBERT, Mich. (WNDU) – A local senior living center is hoping for answers after a dog that is very special to the establishment suddenly went missing.

Mike Deeds, who does maintenance and custodial work at the River Valley Senior Center, has brought his dog, Chance, to work ever since he was a puppy. Deeds says Chance greets everyone at the center, and runs out to cars as they pull into the parking lot.

But Chance disappeared on Jan. 3, which Deeds says is unusual because Chance never leaves the center’s property.

Deeds thinks Chance possibly was taken by someone else, so he’s offering a reward for the dog’s return.

“Just about everybody that comes to this center is missing this dog, right there, so just need him back, that’s all,” Deeds said. “If anybody’s got that dog, all you have to do is just bring him back to River Valley Senior Center. I have a $200 reward out for him, so no questions asked, just bring the dog back. Two hundred bucks, bring him back.”

If you have any information on Chance’s whereabouts, you can call the River Valley Senior Center at 269-469-4556.