Reward Offered To Anyone Who Can Remove Tyre From Crocodile’s Neck

Short on cash? No concept of danger? Perfect – a reward is being offered to anyone who is who thinks they can remove a tyre from a crocodile’s neck.

The 13 foot reptile has been living with the inconvenient accessory round his body for the last four years and now authorities in Indonesia have decided to offer a prize to sweeten the deal.

It’s been struggling with the tyre and was first spotted in the Palu River in Central Sulawesi in 2016 but, understandably, nobody has dared to try and free the poor little fella.

The Siamese crocodile has even survived an earthquake and a tsunami, but still the tyre remains firmly stuck around his neck.

Central Sulawesi’s Natural Resources Conservation Agency has launched an appeal for someone to bravely remove it.

Agency boss Hasmuni Hasmar did’t say how much the reward would be but he will be paying for the creature to be freed out of his own money, although he did say that he only wanted wildlife experts to try – not amateurs.

He said: “A reward will be given to anyone who can release the hapless reptile.

“We’re asking the general public not to get close to the crocodile or disturb its habitat.”

Previously, people have tried to save the crocodile, but to no avail.

Credit: Asia Wire
Credit: Asia Wire

Muhammad Panji – a conservationist and self professed ‘animal whisperer – tried in 2018. But his animal whispering talents mustn’t be up to scratch because his attempt failed.

In the same year, volunteers tried to entice the huge reptile on to dry land by putting chickens out as bait, but the creature wasn’t bothered and showed no interest.

The tyre is said to have come from a scooter that was thrown in to the estuary, but officials are getting increasingly worried that it will strangle the crocodile if it’s not removed after it was spotted gasping for air in 2018.

At the time, an official from the agency said: “Its body is getting bigger and the tyre which should be 14 inches, is stifling it.

“If the tyre is not removed immediately, it will strangle the crocodile because of its growing body.”