Best Games You Can Get On The Epic Store

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Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, launched their own digital gaming store —the Epic Games Store— in December 2018. The company quickly purchased exclusivity for numerous games, which may have rubbed a lot of PC gamers the wrong way.

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However, the frustration with PC exclusivity aside, the Epic Games Store has a lot of great games to play. It’s clear that the company isn’t messing around and has successfully provided robust competition in the market. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth checking out, we’ve curated some of the best games you can get right now on the Epic Store.

Updated October 13, 2022, by William Quick: In the midst of Autumn the Epic Games store is adding plenty to play in the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the biggest and most popular titles you can get from the platform.

Spider-Man Remastered

There are so many superheroes out there, but the one that most embodies freedom of movement is Spider-Man. While he can’t fly, his web swinging lets him get some serious air and build up speed as he travels through the concrete jungle of New York City. In terms of games, the hero hit it big with Spider-Man (2018).

Since then, the game has been remastered for PC, and now you’ll be able to experience a whole new Spider-Man story with Peter Parker and a slew of memorable characters from his universe. If you’re not too pressed to finish the story, New York has many other tasks to keep you busy.

Detroit: Become Human

People are constantly asking what it means to be alive and what it is that separates humans from all other organisms on the planet. When you introduce the idea of artificial intelligence, the answer only gets even more complex as can be seen when playing through Detroit: Become Human.

It’s the future once again and machines have gotten to the point where they’re more advanced and intelligent than humans. As one of the machines, you’ll make choices to define who and what you are and how you’ll spend your life.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda’s Elder Scroll series has been focused on online entry for quite some time and there hasn’t been a main entry in the series for quite some time. Although there are talks of a sixth game in the works, there is still plenty for players to do and experience in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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In the region of Skyrim, customize your character and become the legendary Dragonborn. Capable of wielding the breath of dragons, you’ll have to stop a cataclysmic event being brought about by the return of the dragons.

Destroy All Humans!

Alien invasions are the topic of many forms of media, and games are no exception. Many of them have you leading humans against interstellar attackers, but what if you saw things from the other side? This is what you get when you sign up to play Destroy All Humans!

As the cloned alien invader Crypto, you are a one-alien army who is sent to conquer the world. Through a combination of infiltration, psychic manipulation, and pure mayhem, you’ll lead an alien to crush 1950s towns in spectacular fashion.

Slime Rancher 2

Slimes are the classic fodder enemy in all sorts of games, limited pretty much to bouncing around and trying to bump targets. Still, it’s about time someone decided to actually study the slimes and try to understand their nature. Enter the Slime Rancher series with Slime Rancher 2 recently released.

The rancher Beatrix LeBeau returns once again with a number of futuristic tools and gadgets to catch and care for a whole new batch of slimes, both friendly and feral. Explore the new regions and catch every slime you can to become the best and most successful slime rancher out there.


There are many sci-fi scenarios where people are trapped on a ship or a space station with a monstrous extraterrestrial force hunting them down. A lot of times they have no real way to defend themselves and simply must survive, so it feels satisfying when you get the option to fight back such as in Prey.

As an experimental human on the space called Talos I, you some find that you’re not alone as vicious alien creatures start pursuing you. Use whatever weapons, items, and abilities that you can to hunt down the aliens, make your way through the station, and determine what your overall purpose is as a possible future for humanity.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

With so many sci-fi epics, you could spend countless hours experiencing everything that they have to offer. One of the most layered and through series is Mass Effect which shows such dedication and effort into making an original sci-fi universe. As the fearless Commander Shepard, the fate of all existence is soon in your hands.

The Legendary Edition has remastered the original trilogy where you start things off by becoming the first human Specter. Using a variety of firearms, technology, and biotic abilities, you’ll team up with a number of rich and interesting characters on this space-faring adventure. Shape Shepard into the savior you want them to be.

Rogue Legacy

When it comes to the value of a game, replayability is an important factor. However, with the birth of the roguelike and the roguelite, players got an adventure that was not only challenging but also refreshing in that the environments would reset themselves every they die. Rogue Legacy quickly rose to the top of this new genre for obvious reasons.

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As a 2D platformer, you play as a warrior exploring the king’s castle that is constantly shifting its walls. Every time you fall, one of your heirs will continue in your footsteps with different classes, abilities, and even traits that affect how they play. If they last long enough to defeat all the bosses, you may just find out what happened to the king.

Dying Light Series

While the height of zombie popularity may be in the past, games where you get to slay endless hordes of mindless undead will never go out of style. The challenge comes with trying to come up with new and interesting ways to explore zombie-infested areas. Dying Light managed to stand out by combining first-person Parkour with a zombie-outbreak.

The Dying Light games have you taking on the role of a skilled athlete who must navigate the streets and rooftops of zombie-filled environments. With access to crafting and other survival mechanics, you’ll be able to outfit yourself with the right gear and skills needed to endure and even hunt down the those infected who will mutate into even more dangerous forms.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

Marvel has a seemingly endless roster of heroes and villains to choose from when it comes to creating an exciting adventure. An unexpected breakout star in their gallery is the team known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. They’ve appeared in all forms of media including getting their own expansive action-adventure game.

In Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, you’ll lead Starlord and his crew of aliens and hybrids as they use their unorthodox but surprisingly effective methods to save those in need across the universe. Use their complimentary equipment, skills, and personalities to solve any problem that may come your way as you fight for a better space society.

Evil Dead: The Game

There’s still a lot of value in movies from the 80s that have strong enough cult followings to support revivals in all their forms. This definitely applies to the Evil Dead franchise which has most recently spawned the multiplayer experience Evil Dead: The Game where you can play on both sides of the battle.

As one of the many iconic characters from the films and TV series, players will work together to hunt down Deadites or become the demons to use their dark powers against those who seek to destroy evil. You can also play as one of four versions of the tough evil-slaying action-hero, Ash Williams.


Sometime the goal of a game is to get things to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible so that you can get the best results. This can be said for Satisfactory where you’re on another world with nothing but tools and raw materials to build a successful and automated factory from the ground up.

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As one of many travelers who have arrived at the planet, your goal is to make the most of its resources. Either alone or with teammates, you can set your sights on operations to expand past the horizon all the while dealing with maintenance as well as the numerous environmental hazards and dangerous creatures seeking to stop you.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

There are so many ghost stories and plenty of times when people have tried to fight back ghostly forces. In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you must take up arms in a different form to fight back against the supernatural forces that have become the only force of life in the abandoned city.

Tokyo has lost a lot of its energy in this title since the entire population has disappeared. Take control of a powerful warrior with an arsenal of weapons and elemental abilities to defeat that nightmarish creatures that now roam the streets as you try to find out what happened to all the people and if they can be saved.

It Takes Two

As things try to return to normal, so does the activity of playing together. Because of that, there’s been an influx of couch co-op titles that includes the very well-received It Takes Two. This charming adventure follows two partners with complementary abilities as they go on a grand adventure.

With a split-screen perspective, players will be able to explore their own way in every area until they decide to progress as a team. It combines platforming, puzzle-solving, and even some engaging combat as the two heroes make their way through a story about friendship and trust set in a colorfully toy-like world.

The BioShock Series

Back in the early 2000s, gaming was going through a significant transformation in terms of design and aesthetics. Players got to experience the expansive universe of Mass Effect and the dark but compelling setting of BioShock. With some elements of the punk genre, the iconic series began in a retro-futuristic underwater city full of intrigue and danger.

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From the depths of the Rapture to the skies of Columbia, players go from being an unknown caught up in unfortunate circumstances to the complex and emotional story of BioShock Infinite. With another entry supposedly in the works, now’s the time to go through the trilogy, master the customizable weapons, and the supernatural powers granted by various tonics.


Alien invasions continue to be a hot topic when it comes to games, and there are endless titles about fighting off invaders from another world. This was taken to a new level in the original XCOM series before being revived by XCOM: Enemy Unknown and followed by XCOM 2. The sequel steps it up by raising the stakes and expanding mechanics.

This time around, the aliens have already conquered Earth with humans living under an oppressive system. It’s up to you to lead and organize a resistance among the toughest and bravest soldiers to start taking down this alien empire with tactics, resource management, and any resources you’re able to salvage from enemy tech and biology.

Salt And Sacrifice

There are many games that place you in a role of a warrior bound to some serious duty, and that’s the case for the hero of Salt And Sacrifice. Not as wayward as the sailor from its predecessor, now you’ll slip into the role of an Inquisitor sent to a dark land filled with monsters and magic. It’s up to you to eliminate them and use whatever power you gain for yourself.

This animated 2D journey pits you against Mages of immeasurable might, so it’s natural to be intimidated. Spend some time honing your skills and acquired abilities to find the best combos to take down any enemy and boss that you’re unlucky enough to encounter. You may be an Inquisitor, but you may do whatever you need to complete your mission.

Final Fantasy 7: Remake Intergrade

When it comes to RPGs, Final Fantasy 7 is considered at the top of the genre. In terms of storytelling, gameplay, and ambition, it’s still played today in all its 3D polygonal glory. With new advances in gaming, it was inevitable that the title would get the star treatment and be re-released with all-new graphics, combat, and content as Final Fantasy 7: Remake Intergrade.

Once again, you find yourself in the shoes of Cloud Strife, a member of a terrorist group dedicated to taking down the SHINRA Corporation. Though going over the same beats as the original game, there’s much more flair as well as a short episode following the story of Yuffie Kisaragi, the party’s resident ninja.

Songs Of Conquest

It takes so much time, effort, resources, and people to wage a conquest. Whether it’s for exploration, battle, or establishing safety in the wilderness, it’s a long period of strife and struggle. That’s why the leader needs to be strong and smart if they hope to keep their people alive and which is necessary to winning the RTS title, Songs Of Conquest.

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This game puts you in the role of a fledgling empire where your goal is to expand and conquer. When you’re not managing your kingdom, you’ll be battling it out against opposing empires and fierce beasts through turn-based combat. Still in Early Access, what’s already available is extensive, detailed, and immersive.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The Borderlands universe is chock-full of colorful and wacky characters who don’t get nearly enough screen time considering how amusing the dialogue can be. Among this dynamic cast, it was Tiny Tina who stood above the rest being a likable, yet unpredictable child explosives expert. She was so popular that she received her own full game in the form of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

This game combines the over-the-top action of Borderlands with the fantasy of Dungeons and Dragons as Tina serves as your guide through her dangerous and majestic world. Choose your class, grab your weapon, and master magic as you tear through another realm spawned from Borderlands.


Like the old martial arts movies of the previous decades, games have aimed to have a fair number of titles dedicated to making you feel like a combat master. However, as seamless as the movements can appear in action scenes and through gameplay, pulling them off smoothly can be a challenge all on its own. That’s one that’s offered by the indie studio Slocalp for their breakout hit, Sifu.

As the title would imply, you are not actually a martial arts teacher but rather a young and talented student of one. The story drives you to use all the skills you’ve learned in order to seek revenge on those who have murdered your family. You’ll face waves of strong and skilled enemies who will test your resolve and abilities at every turn. This is not a game to be taken lightly and demands the discipline that anyone who seeks to master martial arts should possess.

Darkest Dungeon 2

Sometimes games aren’t meant to be fun but are instead meant to test the very limits of your being. When Darkest Dungeon by Redhook Studios came out, it was well-received despite the dungeon’s repeated attempts to pave its floors with the bodies of your countless adventurers. Now it plans to try again with Darkest Dungeon 2.

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Even though it’s only in early access, Darkest Dungeon 2 has been receiving a lot of attention. The gothic comic art style returns along with a cast of new characters, new threats to overcome, and debilitating effects to handle as you try to keep everyone alive long enough to see the whole dungeon.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

This great collection hit the Epic Store as a free download up until June 4, 2020, and it’s an excellent way to dive into the games if you’ve never had the opportunity before. If you missed the giveaway, don’t fret. The game is still available for purchase and is absolutely worth it.

The Handsome Collection includes the outrageously popular Borderlands 2 along with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and all the bonus content added in. That’s a pretty sweet deal, and a great way to jump into the Borderlands universe with your friends.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

This supernatural Sniper Elite spinoff series is extremely popular with a niche group of gamers who enjoy blowing the heads off scores of the Nazi undead. It’s a creepy, fun throwback to the 1970s and 1980s zombie horror hits, with the Sniper Elite X-Ray kill-cam functionality tossed in for laughs.

Zombie Army 4 is currently an Epic Store exclusive, and it’s one title that makes the platform a lot more attractive at a second glance. If you relish the idea of four player sniper co-op against legions of the infected, then lock and load.

Far Cry 6

The Far Cry series has become notorious for introducing AI enemies who were so vigilant that they could spot the hero from the other side of the map. Since then, the sequels have gotten more reasonable in that regard with a greater focus on survival and stealth. The series continues with the latest entry from Ubisoft, Far Cry 6.

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With the star power and talent of Giancarlo Esposito as the main villain and an insurgency backdrop, this entry is packed to the seams with action and intensity. You’re caught in the middle of a conflict with no peace in sight unless you’re willing to fight for it.

Mafia Trilogy

This cinematic-style franchise is sure to satisfy your mafia cravings in the absence of The Sopranos or the Godfather trilogy. What better way to experience the world of the criminal elite than by doing so legally? It beats an indictment and 50 years in the clink!

All three games are featured in this trilogy pack in their Definitive Editions, which means it’s the best way to experience them all over again, or for the first time. Talk about an offer you can’t refuse!

Grand Theft Auto 5: Premium Edition

If you haven’t purchased Grand Theft Auto 5 yet, then what’s stopping you? Few games can match the level of detail, sophistication, and the immense amount of content in Rockstar’s premiere flagship title.

Though it’s been out for years at this point, GTA 5 continues to sell like there’s no tomorrow. The inclusion of the GTA Online mode adds a ton of replay value to an already gigantic game.

Genshin Impact

Free-to-play games can be difficult to examine since it’s easy to become swayed by a nonexistent price tag and seemingly limitless content. The problem is that the more popular it gets, the harder it gets to maintain which causes problems to arise. For Genshin Impact by miHoYo, it seems to be holding true and offering a lot.

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The game already looks quite impressive with its quality visuals and gameplay but says even more with its simple objective: Explore. You arrive from another world with the goal to find your family and to use whatever powers and friends you find along the way to discover as much as you can.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 got its fair share of praise when it hit consoles, but only on PC has it reached its full potential. A host of graphical options turns one of Rockstar’s most beautiful games into a fully immersive experience.

Make sure your graphics card has the juice, however. While the new lighting and graphical options might be a thing of beauty, many of them are GPU-intensive. If your rig can handle it, you’ll experience something truly amazing.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

Just because something looks cute and clean doesn’t mean it’s simple or light. Games like Hollow Knight and Little Nightmares have shown how stylized art can effectively portray action or horror. With Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, Ember Lab is using this art to create a vast, magical, beautiful, and yet dangerous world.

You’re put into the role of Kena, who is tasked with shepherding spirits of the dead to find their way beyond the mortal world. As you trek to put all these spirits at peace, you’ll need to use your powers to navigate the world and defend yourself from the dangers it holds.

World War Z

Since the release of Left for Dead 2, there has been a massive, four-player zombie game-shaped hole in fans’ hearts. World War Z has released and tries to recapture that magic. In a lot of ways, the game succeeds. An exclusive title on the Epic Store, World War Z might just be the game to tie fans over.

Players will work together and make their way through levels dominated by zombies. Despite being a $40 title, World War Z sports some impressive graphics and can load ridiculous numbers of zombies at a time. In this game, they’ll do whatever it takes to bring you down.


Esteemed game company Devolver Digital gets its newest title as an Epic Store exclusive on PC. Observation sees players trying to figure out what happened to a woman on a space station. While this formula has been done extensively in pop culture, Observation places a unique spin on it by having players take control of the AI that controls the space station.

This changes the dynamic of the game and its story, adding a lot more helplessness and intrigue as players see the dangers of space and uncover the mysterious disappearance. By having players control the AI, they get to experience sci-fi horror from a new lens.

Rocket League

Not everybody is into sports, but gaming can put a unique spin on them. Plenty of titles including Mario, have recreated various sports in wild ways or have come up with a completely new one that only exists within programming. One of the best examples of the latter is Rocket League.

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The game is simple: Soccer with cars. You drive a car that would fit into a Hot Wheels fever dream and can jump, flip, and boost across the fields. The main game involves ramming a ball into the enemy team’s goal, but there are multiple modes to test your car flipping prowess.


Subnautica is a survival game that is one of the best in its class. Players are dropped into an unfamiliar, aquatic planet with the distant view of their spaceship wreckage on the ocean surface. They have nothing left to do but explore the uncharted waters and collect materials just to survive another day.

Featuring a hand-crafted world by the developers and a host of creative and dangerous monsters, there is no end to the excellent adventures players can have in this game. Even the game’s early access sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero, is for sale on the Epic Games Store. Get both entries in one fell swoop.


Embark on a quest through a world unlike you’ve never seen before in Ashen. Players take control of a wanderer who is just trying to find a place to settle down. This leads players across a perilous journey where they’ll meet a host of horrifying monsters as well as some helpful people.

As players build their own homes, they have to choose who they can trust and who they should leave behind as they press on. The game prides itself in visual storytelling, having plenty of moments where you can just sit back and soak it all in. The game was a timed Epic Games Store exclusive until December 2019.

Metro Exodus

When it was announced that the anticipated Metro Exodus would be an Epic Games Store exclusive, many PC gamers were less than happy. This was the signal that Epic Games was ready to compete in the PC gaming market. It helps that Metro Exodus is just an excellent game.

The graphics, sound design, and story are all great, complementing each other nicely. It improves on the original in almost every way, delivering a post-apocalyptic experience that people aren’t soon to forget. The game is survival-based, forcing players to think on their feet and overcome the obstacles in the tainted world around them.


Bastion and Transistor quickly made a name for themselves as some of the best indie games on the market. This was all thanks to the work of Supergiant Games. Hades, the latest game in the company’s lineup, has made its way to the Epic Games Store as an exclusive title.

Fans of Supergiant Games’ previous work will know what to expect. Hades is an isometric action game. However, this time around, it surrounds itself with challenge and difficulty, sending players back to the start if they are slain. The game combines a gorgeous visual style of 2D backgrounds and 3D models for an excellent presentation.

Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament has been in development for quite some time, and it’s a game that desperately tries to show off Unreal Engine 4. As such, it’s a gorgeous game, showing off what the engine is capable of in terms of graphical detail.

Unreal Tournament has been a bit short-staffed, leading to it getting put on the back-burner for Epic Games. However, the launch of the Epic Games Store has essentially given the game a new avenue. It’s free-to-play and still has a ways to go before a full release. However, it has a solid core, leading to an overall fun experience that’s worth at least trying out.


If Monster Hunter is a bit too complex for your taste, then Dauntless might be your next big game. This free-to-play action game puts you in the role of a hunter that you create. You then travel through a massive world in search of well-crafted and unique monsters to take down. Your goal is to better your skills to get better equipment and items to become the best hunter around.

Dauntless is an Epic Games Store exclusive, but the $0 price tag will surely be enough to draw people in. It’s another game that looks and runs great, enticing players to give it a fair shot.

The Witness

The developer of Braid is at it again with the release of The Witness. This puzzle game puts players on an island on which they must solve all sorts of puzzles. However, the puzzle completion is entirely up to the player. There are paths that are easier than others, but the road is ultimately up to the player.

The island setting is serene and well-realized, making for an overall relaxing, yet mentally stimulating experience. Because The Witness is a local game as well, you won’t have to worry about playing online and whatever sorts of potential cross-play issues pop up with your friends on Steam.

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