Franklin hero seeks help of his own

FRANKLIN, Va. (WAVY) — Home surveillance cameras on Norfleet Street in Franklin caught a man chasing two children Wednesday, June 19. The man, who was known to neighbors, was armed with two knives. Had it not been for the heroic efforts of former soldier Terrel Majette, the situation could have ended with tragedy.

Majette, of Franklin, is still processing what happened on Juneteenth.

“I don’t think any of it hit me until it was all over,” Majette said in a Zoom interview.

The former soldier, entertainer, producer, and director left Atlanta’s movie scene in 2018. The return to his hometown of Franklin with his wife and nine children has been bittersweet. Two days before the heroic rescue, when Majette was feeling a little low, he met with his cousin, pastor Eric Majette, who is also a Franklin native.

Regina Mobley: Tell me about this discussion you had with your cousin, on the Monday before Juneteenth.

Eric Majette: I told him there was a reason and a purpose, and to be encouraged.

Two days later, Terrel Majette had the lead role in a drama that could have turned deadly.

“There’s no better way to lead than to lead by example,” Terrel Majette said. “I just think that if everybody just chose love, the world would be a better place.”

Earlier this year, he applied for a city grant for the startup of a production company. For the former soldier, the logistics were difficult.

Majette doesn’t have a car for his wife, her children, his children and their children. Combined, the couple has nine children.

“We had to go to business classes for six weeks and I walked to these classes every week. Rain sleet it didn’t matter,” Terrel Majette said. He won the grant and saved lives but he still doesn’t have a car. Pastor Eric Majette is asking for help.

“So please, if you can donate to his GoFundMe to help him get a vehicle,” Eric Majette said. “I’ve already talked to a couple of car dealerships about the situation. They are on board to help us as much as they can.”