Local boy honored as hero

The city of Watervliet honoring a young hero who helped save the lives of people living in a home that caught fire back in July.

“Smoke in my grandfather’s room. So, then I went to bang on the door, on every door as hard as I can and to help everybody out as quick as I can,” said Tyquan Harris.

12-year-old Tyquan Harris is being hailed for his heroic actions July 8, when he alerted neighbors of a fire in time to get out. 

The fire at a home on 4th avenue and 15th street leaving significant damage.

Harris is said to have saved five lives from the upstairs apartment. The city acknowledging his actions with a citation.

“I knew the safest route was to take the back route because I saw the smoke,” says Harris.

Harris has bright ambitions for his future.

“I’d like to be a firefighter to help other people’s life be safe,” exclaimed Harris.

He even has some advice for others…

“Be careful like when you have your stove on you don’t leave it unattended or a fire or if you have like any leaks or electrical problems you should get those fixed immediately,” says Harris.