North Texas bus driver saves young girl from suspected predator, district says

GARLAND, Texas — A North Texas school bus driver is being hailed as a hero after saving a young girl from a potential predator, school district officials said.

The Garland ISD told WFAA that one of its bus drivers protected a middle school girl who was being followed by a strange man in a car who was attempting to lure her to his vehicle. The girl was rushing towards the waiting school bus, and the bus driver let her in and shut the doors. 

After learning more about the situation, the bus driver, whose name was not released, quickly maneuvered the bus to block the perpetrator’s car within a nearby cul-de-sac, preventing his escape, district officials said. While keeping the student safely on board, the driver captured a picture of the suspect’s license plate and reported it to the authorities. 

The Garland Police Department took the license plate number from the bus driver and found that the suspect was wanted in connection with a sexual assault case. The person was arrested, Garland ISD officials said.

“This remarkable act of heroism by our bus driver demonstrates the unwavering commitment to student safety within the GISD,” the district said in a statement. “Administration commends the bus driver’s bravery and quick thinking, recognizing that their actions potentially saved the student from harm.”