‘Losing a family member’: Cross-country travelers’ car and dog stolen in downtown St. Louis

A married couple made an overnight stop in St. Louis that’s turned into a week-long search for their Hyundai Santa Fe and French Bulldog, Disko.

ST. LOUIS — Lost pet signs posted around downtown St. Louis have a picture of Disko, a light-brown French bulldog.

“We’ve just been posting them everywhere we can,” Freddy Zambrano-Chaljub said.

This Frenchie didn’t wander from his owners, Freddy Zambrano-Chaljub and Marcos Chaljub-Zambrano.

“Losing a family member for us is difficult,” Freddy Zambrano-Chaljub.

He was stolen.

“Before heading out to our next state to go to Kansas City, we decided to stop and grab a bite here to eat on this corner,” Zambrano-Chaljub said.

The couple is on a cross-country road trip. They spent Sunday night in St. Louis. 

They grabbed a bite the next day downtown on Washington Avenue and 14th Street.

“It’s really hot just like it is today. We didn’t want to put the dogs out on the pavement, so we actually parked the car in the vision from where we were sitting with the AC on,” Zambrano-Chaljub said.

Both dogs were just a crosswalk away when a city bus stopped at the intersection and blocked the view of the car, and the thieves made their move.

“We’ve calculated the light, it’s about 20-25 seconds, that’s how much time it took for them to get into the vehicle and speed away,” Chaljub-Zambrano said.

“We’re on this cross-country road trip until the end of the year, so our entire life is there, plus, more importantly, our two dogs that were still in the vehicle as well,” Zambrano-Chaljub.

They filed a police report for the stolen white Hyundai Sante Fe. 

In the meantime they’re posting signs, checking animal shelters and waiting for a phone call, hoping someone found their puppy.

“We don’t want to leave town without exhausting all of our resources and making sure we didn’t leave any stone unturned looking for Disko,” Chaljub-Zambrano said.

They found one of their dogs, Rocky. He was abandoned in Fox Park and a woman called the number on his tag.

They’re still on the lookout for Disko who they said has a microchip.

They’re offering a reward for his return. Call 917-804-8059 or 347-558-2316 if you have any information.