Northville woman offering reward for ‘irreplaceable’ family photos that were stolen

NORTHVILLE, Mich. – A Northville woman is offering a reward for the return of her sentimental family photos.

Rachelle Petit is pleading with whoever took a box of photos to just give them back. “This box, it contains a lifetime of family memories,” she said. “It’s photos of my mom and my dad as they grew up going all the way back to the 30s, 40s and 50s.”

It all happened on Sunday, Jan. 29, when Rachelle had car problems while grocery shopping. “My axle broke and I had to have my car towed and then needed a ride,” Petit said.

So she took the groceries and the photos out of her car and placed them on the ground in the parking lot while she looked for her ride — she was not even gone for five minutes.

“When I came back, there were two people going through my belongings,” Petit said.

One person was nice enough to give the groceries back, but the priceless photos were gone.

“They’re honestly, irreplaceable, and my dad has passed away,” she said. “My mom is going to be 87 very soon, and so it’s just it’s very important for our family.”

All Rachelle wants back are the pictures, so much so that she’s offering $500 to whoever’s willing to make the return.

“If someone could just be – whoever took the photos or if they’ve even discarded them – if they could just return them or let me know where they left them so I can go and look for them. I would be happy to give a $500 reward just for being kind,” Petit said.

Local 4 has been told three people may have taken the belongings.

If you have any information about the missing photos you’re asked to contact Rachelle Petit and you can do so by messaging her on Facebook.

To message Rachelle on Facebook you can click right here.