Victim offers reward for information after iconic collectibles worth thousands stolen from West Side storage facility

SAN ANTONIO – After a lifetime of collecting memorabilia with a monetary value between $20,000 and $30,000 — from Star Wars to Transformers to Marvel to Hot Wheels, a San Antonio man said thieves broke into his storage unit along with several others at a local facility.

In July, Life Storage, located off Tezel Road, has had three burglaries.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, shared his experience with KSAT about the company that allowed his storage unit to be broken into and ransacked.

The man said the storage facility neglected to inform him of the robbery and told him the theft had occurred weeks before notifying him. For liability reasons, the business did not provide an exact date.

San Antonio PD detectives told the victim that they believe the burglars cut through the chicken wire at the top of the unit, jumped in, and unlocked it from the inside.

The man is now offering a $500 reward for any information provided to authorities that leads to the variety of memorabilia he collected for years.

“It was a lot of life’s work. It was just upsetting. They might be toys for people, but I took my time to just collect the s***, man,” he said.

“They were something that I genuinely enjoyed having, and I had a dream to just have this all in my house one day,” the victim continued.

KSAT worked to contact Life Storages Corporate office but has yet to receive a response.

This case remains under investigation by SAPD.


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