$10K reward anonymously pledged for information on missing Adrian woman

BriAnna Soto has been missing since May 2023. Her family is still looking for answers, more than a year later.

ADRIAN, Michigan — An anonymous person has put forth a monetary reward for information in the case of missing Adrian woman BriAnna Soto, who has not been seen since for over a year. 

In a press release from the Adrian Police Department, law enforcement said an anonymous Lenawee County community member has pledged $10,000 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person(s) responsible for Soto’s disappearance. 

Soto was last seen on May 19, 2023. She is 5 foot, 3 inches tall, with red hair and green eyes. She has multiple tattoos, including music notes on her arms. 

Law enforcement told WTOL 11 there have been no indications Soto is alive: police have not detected any bank card transactions, hospital visits, social media posts or cell phone use. Her mother, Heather Frank, said she believes foul play is involved, but is still hoping for answers.

“I’m very hopeful that someone does come forward, Frank said. “The reward was not something that I thought was ever going to happen. I mean, we are very blessed that somebody has done that for us to help us try to find out what happen to her.”

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Frank said she hopes – with or without a reward – the public will still continue to look for Soto and answers about her disappearance.

“The more we talk about it the more people know about it, the more people hear about it, and hopefully someone will come forward,” Frank said. “I’m happy that somebody wants to donate the $10,000 to us to get someone to come forward. I just wish people would come forward anyways without even a reward.”

Anyone with information regarding Soto, her location, and/or what has happened to her, should contact Adrian police to make a statement. Contact Detective Sergeant Kevin Putnam at 517-264-4819 or email information at APDTips@adrianmi.gov. 

Adrian police provided the following photos of Soto, which are included below:


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