$25K reward for tips on Caleb Harris set to expire Monday

Randy Harris, Caleb’s father, had said the end-of-the-month deadline was set to try and create a “sense of urgency” in anyone who might have key information.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The $25,000 reward for any information that helps investigators find missing college student Caleb Harris is set to expire Monday.

A phone line has been set up to monitor tips. That number is 361-826-2950.

Harris’ father, Randy Harris, had told 3NEWS the the end-of-the-month deadline was set to try and create a “sense of urgency” in anyone who might have key information about what happened to his son.

MORE INFO: Police release detailed timeline of Caleb Harris disappearance

We will update this story if the Harris family chooses to extend the reward deadline.

Thursday will mark one month since Caleb Harris disappeared during the early morning hours of March 4. Harris is 21 years old and a sophomore at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. He was last seen around 3 a.m. at The Cottages on Ennis Joslin Road near S. Padre Island Dr.

Foggy video clouds search for answers in surveillance footage

Corpus Christi Police told 3NEWS that they went to more than 50 businesses and private residences and got 27 different sources of video from the morning Harris went missing.

“The problem with that is a lot of it is very difficult to see because it was so foggy that night,” said CCPD Assistant Chief Todd Green. “But it is valuable to us. We are using it.”

The Harris family continues to hope for their son’s safe return.

“I’m out here walking around just thinking about Caleb looking at all his stuff that he just loves to be around,” Randy Harris said in a post to TikTok on Saturday. “We just thank y’all very much for all your help and continue searching for Caleb.”

Full interview with Corpus Christi Police about Caleb Harris disappearance

3NEWS reporter Bill Churchwell sat down with CCPD Assistant Chief Todd Green to discuss the case. As part of that discussion, CCPD believes — contrary to some social media reports — that the last time Harris’ cell phone pinged, he was right by his apartment complex.

“I think there was some bad information that intended to show that his phone was pinging miles away from where he lived or where he was last seen,” Green said. “I think as we’ve progressed in the last couple weeks and reanalyzed that information and gathered more information from the cell providers, the working theory we have right now is that last ping was probably right either in the complex or out on the street right in front of the complex.”

Watch the full interview below.

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