Extra Points: The missing piece

It only took one game, and the trade that sent shockwaves throughout the NBA has already paid off.

Damian Lillard in Milwaukee is undeniably the missing piece to their championship puzzle.

On opening night, he made an unforgettable debut by dropping a franchise record-setting 39 points. When the Bucks offense became stagnant, he single-handedly closed out Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Look, it’s no secret this is what this team has been missing, and yes, maybe, at times, they will miss the defense that #21 use to provide, but nonetheless, Lillard’s incredible scoring ability and clutch shooting performance showcased last night is EXACTLY what the Bucks have been searching for.

The term “closer” is often used in basketball and can sometimes be hyperbolic, but look, that is EXACTLY what Lillard is, what he’s been, and it is EXACTLY what this team has never truly had.

And again, after just one performance, it’s very obvious they most certainly do now.

After just one game, the synergy between Lillard and the Bucks is undeniable, and after four quarters, it’s clear that he’s the missing ingredient for their championship aspirations.