‘I just need to know that my son is OK’: Mother, police search for missing Kadin Black

Kara Patterson wept Wednesday morning as she pleaded for her missing son, Kadin McKallaster Black, to call her or for someone to let her know that he is OK.

Black, 19, of Lower Windsor Township, has been missing since Dec. 17. Township Police have been searching for him, interviewing family, friends and residents; and following up on reported sightings.

But they haven’t been able to find the young man.

Kadin Black has been missing since December 17

“Kadin, if you see this, you are so loved. You are so loved by so many people,” his mother said during a news conference at the Lower Windsor Township building. “So many people are missing you. So many people are worried about you. If anybody knows anything, please just let me know that my son is OK.”

“I just need to know that my son is OK,” she said.

Lower Windsor Township Police Chief Jim Thomas outlined what officers have done since Black went missing and asked the public for help. The chief served as the teen’s high school track coach at Eastern High School and is concerned about him.

“…We would like to find him and put the family’s mind at ease and check to see how he’s doing,” Thomas said.

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Police were dispatched on Dec. 20 for a report that Black was missing.

Officers learned that Black unexpectedly left a residence he was staying at on Vickilee Drive. It was reported that he was last seen on Dec. 17. His shoes, cell phone and wallet were reported missing.

He also had deleted some of his social media platforms, but police are not sure if that is related to his disappearance.

The police department has shared his disappearance with other departments. Authorities pinged his cell phone, which showed it was 2.4 miles from a cell tower on Old Commons Road in the township.

Officers have patrolled the area by vehicle and on foot, searched several properties and vehicles, and gathered information from his employer and co-workers, the chief said.

Black had dinner with a work friend on Dec. 16, and they planned to see each other on their next day of work, Thomas said.

Police have obtained search warrants, including for his cell phone records. It also is working with the York County District Attorney’s Office. District Attorney David Sunday was present at the news conference.

From the left, District Attorney Dave Sunday looks on while Lower Windsor Township Police Chief Jim Thomas describes a timeline of the search since Kadin Black went missing on December 17. Thomas was Black's track coach at Eastern.

Earlier this week, the South Central Search and Rescue Team, the East Prospect Fire Company and the police department conducted a search of the Vickilee area by foot and with a drone. Nothing was found, Thomas said.

While the police would love to have the community’s help, a large-scale civilian search of the area would be monumental, the chief said. It should be done with trained people with the permission of the property owners for safety reasons and to protect the scene for any potential evidence.

Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers has issued a news release about his disappearance. It offers a reward for information in cases.

During the news conference, Thomas called on the public for assistance. Police believe that someone might have information or might have seen Black.

Kara Patterson is comforted by a friend before making appeal to the public during a press conference for any information about the disappearance of here son Kadin Black.

Black’s disappearance is not a criminal incident, Thomas said. He’s not in trouble with the police. In fact, the department has always had a nice relationship with him.

Anyone with information should contact police at (717) 244-8055.