Local family found missing dog that escaped deadly crash scene

After the tragic accident that happened early Monday morning killing 72-year old Stephen Stith.

His dog Georgia was out for a walk with him, and ran away from the scene.

After speaking to Stith’s daughter Jessica Carter, and learning more about Georgia, we spread awareness in hopes of having Georgia found and returned back home.

On Wednesday morning, Georgia was safely returned back home to the family.

Sundee Martineau is the founder of Bakersfield Boxer & Bullies rescue, she said a family found Georgia around Monday afternoon.

“When she came to these people’s house it was closer to noon. So six hours of this dog running with a leash, people seeing her, trying to catch her.”

Martineau said because the dog’s collar only had contact information of Stith, there was no other way for the family to contact anyone else.

The family was unaware of Georgia’s story and how the family was searching for her.

A $500 reward was given to the family.

All day Monday and Tuesday they were calling and blowing up the phone number trying to reach the owner and going to the house but nobody was there. So they’re like man we don’t know what to do, she’s got a leash on, somebody’s gotta be looking for this dog. So this morning he called BPD, and BPD was like hold on, dispatch animal control, animal control showed up at the house in 15 minutes and said hey you got a dog the owner is looking for” said Martineau.

Georgia was also microchipped.

Nick Cullen from Kern County Animal Services said it’s always important to include an alternate phone number in case of an emergency.

“ I think it’s important for folks to hear a story like this and not only consider getting their pet microchipped, but make sure that if your pet is microchipped that you go on the microchipped manufacturers website and update the information. Make sure that there is a current phone number and current address and alternate contact and multiple phone numbers” said Cullen.