Local woman still missing after nearly two months

Natalie Sebastian, 54, was last seen on Satur- day, Dec. 23, 2023 when she left her house, and her family is still seek- ing clues to her where- abouts. According to a flyer they created and have put up all over town, she was last seen in the Little Acres area outside Globe.

The family has also created a Facebook page called FIND Natalie Sebastian, and recently posted a $1,000 reward for any information that could help find her – all to no avail so far. “It’s out

there, it’s been shared, but nobody has come forward with any infor- mation on her where- abouts,” said Natalie’s husband Jerry Sebastian.

He said she had left their house on foot that morning, then knocked on a resident’s door about two blocks away and asked if she could enter. The resident de- clined to let her in, as she was unknown to them, then called the Gila County Sheriff’s Office. Sebastian said he did not know Natalie was gone until he was contacted at home by the GCSO.

“So I went out and looked for her and we haven’t found her since.

“She’s been missing for a long time now, and I feel like something more should be done,” Sebastian said. “This is pretty serious in my opinion. We’re just re- ally concerned about her whereabouts and her safety.”

The family said there have been some reputed sightings and one case of mistaken identity, but nothing credible. There have also been rumors but we haven’t gotten that she was found, causing people to take down the flyers – which the family has then put back up.

“Everybody has a cell phone where they could take a picture of her that has the time and date, anything credible,” said Sebastian.

Anyone with informa- tion is being asked to contact the Gila County Sheriff’s Office at 928- 425-4499 option 1. For anonymous tips, text or call (928) 200-4639.