MISSING: 36 years without a trace, what happened to Sgt. Jeff Coonradt?

ONLY ON 6: Yvonne Harbers describes her brother Jeff A. Coonradt as a “proud, honorable soldier that his Veteran Soldiers respected and loved.”

Sergeant Coonradt, only 27 at the time, was last seen on Dec. 20, 1987 in the town of Marina, CA. The Ballston Spa native was stationed in Fort Ord, California after joining the Army at 19-years-old. Harbers says her brother’s disappearance was not initially reported as a missing person’s case because it was believed that he went AWOL. He was declared a missing person by the Army in 1989, two years after he disappeared.

Coonradt was last seen with a friend/fellow unit member, who told investigators Coonradt “jumped from the vehicle while it was stopped at an intersection.” The missing poster issued by the Department of the Army Criminal Investigation Unit offering a $10,000 reward for any information states, “Coonradt has not been seen since and is presumed dead.”

Foul play is suspected in his disappearance and subsequent death,” the reward poster reads.

Yvonne says she spoke to her brother the day before he disappeared.

I could tell some things were going on.


When asked about her brother’s wife and children, Harbers said she couldn’t answer for them or comment much on an active investigation.

Years of searching, have driven Yvonne to some interesting avenues looking for answers. Most recently, she has become close with Tobi Kirschman, a DNA analyst from California, closely involved with the ‘Golden State Killer case,’ solved due to genetic genealogy.

Just five weeks after her brother Jeff went missing, Yvonne’s youngest brother Darryl was killed at only 21-years-old in a car crash, leaving behind his family, including a one-year-old son. Yvonne continues to search for her brother and the details surrounding his disappearance.

Anyone with information should contact the Army CID cold case at 517-703-4341.