New Jersey Woman Makes Plea for Return of Beloved Missing Cat Who’s Part of a Bonded Pair

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing a beloved pet, especially if they are part of a bonded pair. A family in New Jersey has taken to social media to make a plea for the return of their precious  cat, and our hearts can’t help but break for them.

Check out the following and share this with your friends on social media so we can all try and get Marco home.

The heartbreaking video, shared by the TikTok account for @hollysilvamusic explains, “Many of you in New Jersey know that our cat went missing on December 31st at around 3 pm. At this point, we truly believe Marco is with a family and we are believing that he is safe and warm.

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The heartbreaking video continues, “We know we’ve made this pretty public but to the family that has Marco, please return him to us. He has a brother, and they have never been separated. We bought them together for a reason, because they are bonded. They are only one year old, we love them so much. We are willing to give a substantial amount of money if you give Marco back and we do not need to make the return public. This is Marco. The last time Marco was seen was on Redman Road in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, right off route 23. If someone you know has the cat or you have the cat please return him. We are willing to give you a substantial amount of money. No harm, no foul, we just want our cat back, thank you.”

The family also shared this post on Instagram.

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What To Do If You Lose Your Cat

The Silva family is doing everything correctly when it comes to trying to get Marco home. They have posted all over social media and offered a reward. They have asked news stations to cover the story. And they have since filed a police report.

Marco is also microchipped which is extremely important for every pet owner to do.

If your own cat goes missing, call your local shelters and veterinary clinics to see if someone has brought them in. Post on social media, posts flyers around your neighborhood and tell everyone you know.

You should also place their litter box outside your door because cats can find their way home by scent.

Here hoping Marco  is home safe and sound soon.

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