Spokane woman offers reward for beloved dog taken from crash that took her father’s life

SPOKANE, Wash. – On Friday, Catrina Harnasch lost her father and stepmom in a deadly car crash. Turns out, they were not the only loved ones she lost that day; the young woman is now searching for her family’s missing dog.  

“It’s still so new to me, I can’t believe my dad is dead,” Catrina Harnasch said.

Friday afternoon marked a day Harnasch will never forget, the day her dad died. Steven Harnasch and his wife, Michelle, were driving east on Trent Avenue when officers say a driver allegedly under the influence hit their vehicle, sending them swerving across the road. Then, a semi-truck hit the couple head on – the two died on scene.  

“He was a really good man, he was so happy,” Harnasch said. “My dad took such good care of everything, he took care of his wife, he took care of me.” 

Steven was a loving husband, father, and grandpa. Harnasch is engaged to Ben Brown, they have a five-year-old daughter together, who Steven loved deeply. On top of his endless love for his family, Harnasch said her dad’s dog also meant the world to him.  

“He loved his dogs, he had three of them,” Harnasch said. “I actually went and got the two that were left in his RV for three days.” 

Squirt and Annie are both safe with Cantrina and Ben at their home. However, there is a third dog that is missing.  

“Her name is Tootsie Roll. She’s a brown, white, and black chihuahua,” Harnasch said. “She’ll come to her name, she’s very trained, she’s a very loving dog.” 

A loving dog, and a brave one, too. Tootsie Roll was in the car with Steven and Michelle on Friday when they were killed. By word-of-mouth, Harnasch heard a woman on scene of the crash offered to take the dog to SCRAPS, but according to Harnasch, Tootsie Roll is not at SCRAPS.  

“We called SCRAPS today, they haven’t heard of any new impounded dogs. We’re thinking that maybe they’re trying to take her,” Harnasch said. “If so, we’ll give a reward, we want her back so bad.” 

Harnasch sobbed as she pleaded for the community’s help in finding her beloved family’s dog, one of the last pieces of her dad she had left.  

Right now, Harnasch is too shaken up to name a set price in reward money, but she said she will pay any amount, as no price can match the love this family has for Tootsie Roll.  

“If she sees me, she’ll be happy again,” Harnasch said. “I know she’s so scared right now.” 

And Harnasch is scared, too. After losing her dad just days ago, Harnasch can’t bear the idea of being apart from Tootsie Roll for much longer.  

If you see this white, brown, and black chihuahua or have any information of where she could be, please call Catrina Harnasch at: (509) 608 – 8127 

“If anybody knows where she is, it would be amazing to have her back because I really need her,” Harnasch said.