Teacup Yorkie snatched on Fourth of July; $1,000 reward offered

BULVERDE, Texas – During the Fourth of July weekend in the Copper Canyon neighborhood, a seven-year-old teacup Yorkie was snatched away after escaping the yard.

Kalyn McCarthy was babysitting the Yorkie named Junebug for Madison Graef like she usually does on occasion. However, the fireworks scared Junebug causing her to escape to the back yard.

The little Junebug ran away and cars followed the dog close to the sidewalk around 8:45 p.m. that holiday evening.

The three-pound dog was caught on camera by several neighbors running away and was being followed by a light blue Mazda 3 with black emblems.

Eyewitnesses say they saw a man and woman walking with the Yorkie in the woman’s arms.

The thieves were even caught on camera luring Junebug and speeding out of the gated community of Castle Rock.

Junebug was a wedding present seven years ago for the Graef family and are devastated about her disappearance.

A $1,000 reward is being offered with no questions asked as well as a $500 reward for anyone who has information regarding the incident or people responsible for taking Junebug.

Junebug is microchipped, missing her front teeth, and is spayed.

If you have any information to share or know where the dog might be, please call the owner, Madison Graef at 210-394-3348.