Yoshi, dog stolen from grocery store, found dead

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A dog that was inside a car stolen from the Fresh Market on Union Avenue more than a week ago has been found dead, her owner said.

Lynn Bugg said a city worker found Yoshi Tuesday morning in the median on Jackson Avenue at Macon Road, nearly four miles from the grocery store.

She said the dog did not have any visible trauma to her body, and she’s not sure how she died.

“At least I know where she is. I was able to retrieve her. I have some closure and can tell people because it’s become such a story that has touched people’s lives.” said Bugg.

Bugg said people from all over the country have contacted her to offer their support and said so many locally tried to help her find her dog.

“They tell me that she probably expired last night or early this morning,” Bugg wrote in a Facebook post. “So all efforts and support since May 2 were not at all in vain, we all just had few clues on where to look and just didn’t get to her in time.”

Bugg said minutes after she arrived at Fresh Market on May 2, someone broke out a window of her 2013 Infiniti and drove the car off the lot with her 15-year-old dog, Yoshi, in the back seat.


A day later, the stolen Infiniti was used in a bank robbery in West Memphis, Ark., and the bank robber was nabbed after he crashed the car in Downtown Memphis, police say

The suspect, 35-year-old Freddy Najil, was charged with theft of property, evading arrest, and carrying a weapon while being a convicted felon.

According to Bugg, Najil told police he found the Infiniti in Whitehaven after it was stolen. He said Yoshi was not inside, and he knew nothing about the dog.

“Who knows whether he is telling the truth or not but they do have forensics from the car,” Bugg said. “They’ll be able to determine if there were other fingerprints in the car and if he was telling the truth or not,” said Bugg.

Yoshi. Courtesy: Lynn Bugg

Bugg said she rescued Yoshi from the streets of Memphis fourteen years ago, and she turned out to be an extraordinary canine and companion.

“She had all the qualities of the best dog. She was brave, she was protective, she was intelligent, and she was selective of people. She was very smart and wanted to please and just the best dog ever.”

Bugg said over the last several days, she has experienced the worst and best of humanity and she could never find the right words to thank everyone for all the help.

“The other thing that people have expressed to me is that they are so scared. What’s happening to our city?” Bugg said. “We can’t beef up the police force overnight, we can’t fix the things that are feeding crime overnight, but we can get more security.”

Najil is locked up on a $25,000 bond. His next court appearance is May 20.