Cedar City business salvaged by sprinkler system when trash can fire sparks

A Cedar City firefighter is stressing the importance of sprinkler systems in small businesses after the local shop he works at on the side was salvaged by one.

Authorities of the Cedar City Fire Department said that Chad Barnes, Assistant Manager of Jones Paint and Glass located at 38 East 1600 North and full-time Cedar City firefighter, was notified that the the shop’s sprinkler system had been activated after hours on Dec. 4.

Barns, off-duty with the department at the time, responded to the store along with the on-duty firefighters, where the group discovered that a trash can fire had set off the sprinkler system and extinguished the flames within 30 seconds. Surveillance footage revealed that the the smoke and fire had been building for four minutes before the sprinkler system was activated.

“This is a prime example of how a sprinkler system can save a business,” said Fire Chief Mike Phillips. “Recovery after a fire can often put a business out for a few days or sometimes forever but there are ways to prevent complete devastation and resume operations soon after.”

Barnes expressed the value of sprinkler systems for small businesses, explaining how the cost comes with much greater benefits.

“We are thankful to have resumed normal business operations the very next morning,” said Barnes. “On behalf of everyone at Jones Paint and Glass, we want to thank the firefighters for their prompt response and the time they spent helping clear the water from the building.”