It’s a busy ballot for Broadview Heights City Council this November

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio — A political newcomer will challenge three veteran City Council members for a council seat Nov. 7.

Breckenridge Oval resident Lyn Haselton and veteran council members Glenn Goodwin, Jennifer Mahnic and Joe Price are vying for three at-large council positions. Early voting starts Oct. 11.

Meanwhile, newcomer Anthony Davis is challenging Councilman Brian Wolf for the Ward 2 council seat.

In Ward 4, council President Robert Boldt is facing opposition from Shay Hawkins, a West Royalton Road resident.

Brian Dunlap, whose wife, Helen, is Broadview Heights clerk of council, is running unopposed in Ward 3. George Stelmaschuk, the current Ward 3 councilman, is not seeking re-election.

Ward 1 Councilman Thomas Pavlica is running unopposed for another four-year term.

Finally, Mayor Sam Alai is also running unopposed for re-election.

Here are profiles of the candidates. Since Pavlica is running unopposed, his profile isn’t included. Dunlap’s profile is included, even though he’s running unopposed, as his introduction to the community.

Since Ward 4 candidate Hawkins in his statement criticized opponent Boldt directly, Boldt was given a chance to respond, as was Hawkins when Boldt criticized him in return.

The race is nonpartisan, meaning the candidates are running without partisan labels. However, their political party affiliations are included here to provide additional background for voters.

Glenn Goodwin

At-large candidate: Glenn Goodwin

Age: Did not provide. Was 64 when he ran for re-election in 2019

Address: 7796 Glengate Drive

Occupation: Realtor, Russell Realty, Brecksville

Prior elected office or campaign: Elected to Broadview Heights Ward 3 City Council 1999; re-elected 2001 (two-year term); elected Broadview Heights mayor 2003 (one four-year term); elected councilman-at-large 2011 and re-elected 2013 (two-year terms); re-elected councilman-at-large 2015 and 2019 (four-year terms)

Party affiliation: Republican

Education: Attended The Ohio State University, no degree; graduated Hondros College of Real Estate in Westerville.

Family: Wife, Kathy; daughters Allison and Michelle

Why are you running? “I would like to continue using my experience to keep Broadview Heights one of Northern Ohio’s premier municipalities. Having mayoral, safety director, council-at-large and ward council experience gives me extensive knowledge of our city and insight on how we can improve/resolve residents’ concerns.

“Through cautious spending, along with an improving commercial tax base, we can provide good city services and amenities for our residents and still have reasonable taxation rates.

“We need to continue stormwater improvements and fix other infrastructure problems. We will need additional police and fire personnel in the near future. We need a plan for reasonable improvement for safety forces and capital improvements.

“Instead of a new $12.6 million-plus fire station that is larger than 1.5 times the site of our new rec center, we need a much more fiscally responsible expansion, along with planning for the future.

“In both 2002 and 2022, our residents clearly communicated at the polls that luxurious buildings do not save lives, but additional manpower on our safety forces will save lives.

“We also need to address roadway expansion, such as Wallings Road, Broadview Road South safety concerns and continued side street resurfacing. Additionally, the city will be investing in a commercial roadway near I-77, which will help our city by bringing in businesses that will expand our tax base.

“I would like to continue to help the city solve more of our problems and make reasonable improvements without another tax increase.”

Candidate website: None provided.

Lyn Haselton

At-large candidate: Lyn Haselton

Age: 41

Address: 8736 Breckenridge Oval

Occupation: Research program director, Summa Health, Akron

Prior elected office or campaign: None

Party affiliation: Independent

Education: Bachelor’s degree in health sciences and master of public administration degree in healthcare administration, Cleveland State University; studying for PhD in public health prevention science at Kent State University

Family: Husband, Justin; two daughters in the Brecksville-Broadview Heights City Schools

Why are you running? “I love Broadview Heights. Since moving to Broadview Heights in 2016, I have been actively involved in several civic organizations and clubs in our community, including the Broadview Heights Recreation Board, Broadview Heights Community Foundation, Brecksville-Broadview Heights Elementary School PSO, Brecksville-Broadview Heights Schools Foundation, Brecksville-Broadview Heights Preschool Mom’s Club (alumni), Broadview Heights Records Commission (previous) and current Silver Ridge HOA president.

“In these roles, I have had the opportunity to connect with community members, hear their concerns and work on projects that make our city better.

I believe in creating a shared vision for the future of the community. This encompasses improved community engagement to better understand the wants and needs of residents, a focus on economic development to support the needs of current businesses and attract new businesses, and transparency and communication with the community to continuously share our progress towards this vision.

“I believe the strength of our shared vision for Broadview Heights will make it an even better place to live.

Candidate website: Facebook — Friends of Lyn Haselton

Jennifer Mahnic

At-large candidate: Jennifer Mahnic

Age: 44

Address: 2062 McClaren Lane

Occupation: Teacher, Maple Heights City Schools

Prior elected office or campaign: Elected Broadview Heights councilwoman-at-large 2007; re-elected 2009, 2011, 2013 (two-year terms); re-elected 2015 and 2019 (four-year terms)

Party affiliation: Republican

Education: Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and sociology, concentration in juvenile delinquency and rehabilitation; master’s degree in middle childhood education, specializing in language arts and social studies, University of Cincinnati

Family: Husband, Keith Gaydosh; children Gwen and Luke, both middle-schoolers

Why are you running? “I am seeking re-election to the position of council-at-large to continue with the progress our council has made. We have a tremendous amount of work and upcoming projects, including increases to our safety forces, thoughtful planning of our city’s development and improvements to our infrastructure.

“Running for re-election will allow us to finish the work we have started.

“I truly enjoy working for the people of Broadview Heights and representing their interests on council. I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to help them find resolutions to their concerns and work toward improving our community.

“I genuinely care about our community, and show this through my volunteer efforts and responsiveness to resident needs.

This council is made up of a well-balanced group of experienced legislators. Our collaboration over the years is just one of many examples where we have been able to put aside our differences for the betterment of the community.

“Together, this council has made strides toward stormwater management, improvements to our roads and facilities, and increasing programming for our residents.

“The major issues of our community include traffic, development and safety. Our residents want us to resolve issues of speeding and traffic flow in some of our more congested areas.

“Residents are concerned about the future development of our community, and this council has been working hard through legislation to provide thoughtful future planning.

“Lastly, residents want to maintain top-notch safety services with our growing and changing demographics.”

Candidate website:

Joe Price

At-large candidate: Joe Price

Age: 66

Address: 8390 Cherry Hill Lane

Occupation: Village administrator, Village of Grafton (nonelected position); also serves on board of trustees, American Municipal Power, which provides electric power to 133 members in nine states; elected secretary to American Municipal Power’s Joint Venture 5, a cooperative project consisting of various American Municipal Power members.

Prior elected office or campaign: Elected Broadview Heights councilman-at-large 2009 (one two-year term); ran unsuccessfully for Broadview Heights mayor 2007 and 2011; elected councilman-at-large 2015 and 2019 (four-year terms)

Party affiliation: Republican

Education: Studied business management and political science at Cuyahoga Community College, no degree; certified by the Ohio Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration in more than 20 programs; certified by the Ohio Employment Relations Board in labor negotiations

Family: Did not provide family information

Why are you running? “Public service is intended to be about representing and serving the best interests of Broadview Heights (residents) through fiscal discretion and accountability. I seek re-election to remain one of only two council members that perform the council commission mentioned above and serve this obligation as a member of the council that funds and holds accountable the city public administration, its public finances, public safety services and all other public services.

“Recent councils have heavily leaned toward serving the elected administration first and residents second, through multiple evidence of public malfeasance. I seek re-election with (the) purpose to serve and protect the people’s interest first, stop commercial encroachment into residential neighborhoods, offer the voters term limits and advocate (for) construction and funding of a needed fire station without an unnecessary additional community room and without a tax levy.

“The administration proposed, and five members of council approved, putting forward additional (millage) tax dollars greater than the 10.02 (mills) annually assed to property owners while sitting on $13 million of unencumbered tax dollars that belong to the public we serve.

“(That’s) one of many examples of administration malfeasance where the administration sought additional funding in a non-general election (and was) opposed to spending the public cash on hand first, while not (publicly) communicating actual funds available.

“Council must demand public accounting of needed funds first, and all future levy campaigns must be held in November general elections only.

Candidate website: None provided

Anthony Davis

Ward 2 council candidate: Anthony Davis

Age: 46

Address: 3985 Laurel Glenn Drive

Occupation: Human resources specialist, National Park Service

Prior elected office or campaign: None

Party affiliation: Did not provide, saying that as a federal worker, he is subject to the Hatch Act, which prohibits him from running in partisan elections or engaging in partisan political activities as a candidate. However, according to Cuyahoga County Board of Elections records, Davis is a Republican who has voted in both Republican and Democratic primaries.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Cleveland State University

Family: Wife, Meredith; children Grant and Eli

Why are you running? “I stand for election in Ward 2 to give voters an alternative to the entrenched establishment’s candidate, who has been re-elected unopposed twice in the last eight years and hasn’t faced an opponent in nearly a decade.

“I bring to the ballot an outsider’s perspective with new energy and the determination to raise citizen expectation levels and strengthen Broadview Heights.

“Our city has been an excellent place to live for generations, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum and must continue evolving to respond to new challenges and meet the needs of its residents.

“I invite Ward 2 voters to consider a new leader to help shape the future of our community over the next four years. It’s time for a change.

“I will focus on three important areas: Improving communication with residents, increasing government transparency and advocating to make the city greener and more vibrant.

“With the death of local news, it’s more difficult than ever for citizens to learn what’s going on at City Hall. Using existing channels of communication, my goal is to enable Ward 2 residents to become the most well-informed and engaged people in the city.

“I will also push city government to seriously embrace the digital age and make more meeting recordings and public records available online.

“In addition, I will advocate to preserve green space by creating pocket parks and work collaboratively to revisit the ban on residential rooftop solar panels that are visible from the street.”

Candidate website:

Brian Wolf

Ward 2 council candidate: Brian Wolf

Age: 54

Address: 4802 Westminster Lane

Occupation: Advisory systems engineer, DXC Technology, an IT consulting company based in Ashburn, Va.

Prior elected office or campaign: Elected to Broadview Heights City Council 2013 (two-year term); re-elected in 2015 and 2019 (four-year terms)

Party affiliation: Republican

Education: Master’s and bachelor’s degrees in computer engineering, Case Western Reserve University

Family: Wife, Karen; children Jack, 24, Mark, 22, and Amanda, 16

Why are you running? “I have enjoyed being on City Council, assisting residents and helping make decisions that will shape our future. It’s not just creating and voting on laws; it’s being a part of the community to make things better for the current and future residents.

“I have ridden in a snowplow and with the animal warden and police officers to get a better idea of what they see on a daily basis. Those rides confirmed what I already suspected: Our city employees care about Broadview Heights and the safety and wellbeing of the residents. You get a better view while being with them on shift.

“This is an awesome community with a great location. I hope to continue to be a part of all the good stuff and wonderful stories that make up our city.”

Candidate website: Facebook — friendsofbrianwolf

Brian Dunlap

Ward 3 council candidate: Brian Dunlap

Age: 61

Address: 2679 Royalwood Road

Occupation: Benefits consultant for Northern Ohio Fire Fighters, which assists first responders or their beneficiaries in cases of untimely deaths, illnesses or injuries; retired Broadview Heights firefighter

Prior elected office or campaign: None

Party affiliation: Democrat

Education: Medina High School graduate; Ohio-certified firefighter and fire safety inspector

Family: Wife, Helen; children Denise, 40, Sydney, 30, and Travis, 35

Why are you running? “Having lived here for 40 years, and 32 of those years serving as a firefighter/paramedic, why not run? Being on council can’t be any worse than running into a structure fire.

“My greatest accomplishments are not written down anywhere or engraved on a plaque. The reward was a simple thank you from so many in their time of need. That was more than enough. All the people I was blessed to help in some of their worst times was beyond gratifying.

“Safety: Taxes are high enough. The demographic and diversity of the southern portion of our city is an area of concern for first responders. I’m focused on adequately funding safety services now and for future generations.

“I served you as a firefighter/medic for 32 years, and you trusted me during your worst times. Soon I’ll be walking into this room with that 800-pound gorilla in it. So, let’s clear this up now. Never was it going to cost any property owner a 40 percent increase on property taxes for a safety facility. It would be absurd to think anything different. It was a huge mistruth by some individuals.

“Growth: The entire city should vote yes in November on Issues 25 and 26. We need to end future townhouses being built in residential neighborhoods. Don’t think for a minute that six or more plots couldn’t be purchased on Sprague, Wallings or Royalwood roads that have deep lots. A developer could purchase and build townhouses in your very back yard.”

Candidate website: None

Robert Boldt

Ward 4 council candidate: Robert Boldt

Age: 58

Address: 1531 Newton Pass

Occupation: Executive director of operations, American Light Metals, doing business as Empire Die Casting, Macedonia

Prior elected office or campaign: Elected to Broadview Heights City Council 2003; re-elected in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 (two-year terms); re-elected in 2015 and 2019 (four-year terms)

Party affiliation: Independent. Last voted in a Democratic primary in March 2016, according to Cuyahoga County Board of Elections voting records

Education: Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in business administration, Cleveland State University

Family: Wife, Katherine; children Austin, Jordan, Morgan and Paige

Why are you running? “First, I’d like to say I love Broadview Heights and am very proud to say I live in this city. I have taken great pride over the last 20 years in raising my family here and working with multiple administrations to transform this community into what it is today.

“House values are surging, homes are selling without going on the market and sellers are getting more than they asked. We have gone from the Tally-Ho Motel to a soon-to-be Fleet Team multimillion-dollar investment, from an abandoned, wildlife-filled hospital to a new recreational center and an amphitheater.

“I am proud of voting against non-election taxes (garbage tax and original stormwater fee). Later, as the council president, I worked with the council to eliminate the stormwater fee when NEORSD started charging us because, to me, it was double taxation.

“I have always put any new developments or building upgrades to the voters to decide. In the last two years, I have stopped or voted against unwanted developments. This includes stopping the Broadview/Boston Road landscape company proposal and the downtown Goodwill proposal.

“Councilman Pavlica and I were the only no votes on the Broadview/Boston Road townhouse developments.

“So, this November, I am bringing to the voters the elimination of two townhouse

neighborhood zonings. Please vote yes on Issues 25 and 26 to eliminate townhouse neighborhoods.

“I promise, in the future, to do the same as I have always done: Work

hard to make Broadview Heights a place to be proud of.”

Candidate website: None provided

Shay Hawkins

Ward 4 council candidate: Shay Hawkins

Age: 49

Address: 1606 W. Royalton Road

Occupation: President, Opportunity Funds Association, a Cleveland-based trade association that advances the federal opportunity zones policy; director, Safe & Green Holdings Corp., a Miami- based modular construction company; adjunct professor, Cleveland State University School of Law

Prior elected office or campaign: Ran for Ohio House of Representatives District 6 in 2020

Party affiliation: Republican

Education: Bachelor’s degree in economics, The Ohio State University;

master’s degree in business administration, Columbia Business School, New York City;

law degree, The Ohio State University

Family: Single

Why are you running? “In 2022, my opponent forced a 40 percent property tax increase onto the ballot. This increase harms seniors living on a fixed income, homeowners battling inflation and renters whose landlords will pass the tax on in the form of higher rents.

“I opposed the tax hike and joined my fellow Ward 4 residents in voting it down by 20 points. I went to the members of council who also opposed the tax increase and asked what I could do to make sure my opponent does not try to raise property taxes again (he has put forward six tax increases in 20 years, four of which succeeded in raising residents’ taxes. Residents have seen their tax bill increase 240 percent over 20 years).

“They said run for council. So that’s what I am doing.

“I served as tax counsel for U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci and later U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (of South Carolina). While working for Sen. Scott, I drafted part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which lowered taxes for Ward 4 residents and all Ohioans.

“I have worked on large budgets and understand the damage that inflation can do to a local economy. Residents, particularly our seniors, are paying more for gas, groceries and basic utilities. It is absurd to raise property taxes at a time like this.

“If Broadview Heights Ward 4 residents elect me as their councilman, I will use my experience and education to maintain our city services without unnecessary tax increases.”

Candidate website:

Boldt response: “My opponent is upset that his apartment rent has increased in the two years that he has lived in Broadview Heights. Unfortunately, he has continued to make false claims and is deceiving the voters to get elected.”

Hawkins response: “The fact that my opponent forced a 40 percent increase onto the ballot over the objections of pro-taxpayer councilmen is a matter of public record in the council minutes. The fact that the property tax increase was on the ballot in 2022 is a matter of public record. All of Ward 4 saw it and voted against it. The fact my opponent has pushed six similar increases during his time in office is a matter of public record. The fact that raising property taxes on seniors during a time of record inflation is harmful is obvious to anyone who understands economic reality.

“I am proud that I am purchasing a home here in Broadview Heights and that I will be able to afford my taxes because my opponent will not be around to raise them.”

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