Man helps police officer save a father and daughter trapped in fire

HALLOWELL, Maine (WMTW/CNN Newsource/WKRC) – A civilian and a police officer helped save a father and daughter who were trapped in their burning home.

The officer and the man grabbed a ladder and put it up to the second landing on the back side of the house, allowing the two to escape.

The dad took his daughter to a relative’s home, so she wouldn’t have to see her house burn down.

“That was wonderful, they probably saved their lives,” said neighbor Sylvia Katz.

Peter Schumacher and his daughter Lilli lived in the home. Peter Schumacher is well-known in the town as a former city councilor and a volunteer firefighter.

“Had there not been police and the bystander not put a ladder up, this could have been a lot worse. They’re very lucky how everything turned out,” said Logan Bennett, of the Hallowell Fire Department.

Nobody was injured in the fire.

“Their house is destroyed,” Katz said. “I’m not sure what they’re going to do.”