Polk County man arrested for threatening a firefighter called to save him from crash

The man told a Polk County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief he would “bounce [his] knuckles” off the chief’s forehead, a Polk County Sheriff’s Office news release said.

MULBERRY, Fla. — A Polk County man is in jail after he threatened a firefighter called to rescue him from a crash on Monday in Mulberry.

Deputies said on a little before 9 p.m. Saturday, Matthew Powers, 34, was driving down 2605 State Road 37 S. in Mulberry when he crashed his blue 2010 Ford Mustang.

Polk County Fire Rescue officials responded to the crash and when they got there, they rescued Powers from the wreckage.

That’s when Powers decided to ball up his fists, walk toward the battalion chief on the scene and threatened to “bounce [his] knuckles” off the chief’s forehand, according to the release.

“[That] is about the oddest type of threat we’ve heard in a long time,” a Polk County deputy said in a statement.

The chief tried to calm Powers down by telling Powers he was only there to help him, but Powers never backed down.

“I don’t give a [expletive], I will go back to prison,” Powers exclaimed.

Powers was released from prison six months ago for an unknown crime, according to the release.

He was charged with threatening a public servant and assault on a firefighter, deputies said.

Authorities didn’t say whether Powers suffered any injuries from the crash.