Father’s ashes stolen from home, woman says

Sierra Ingram returned home from vacation on May 20 to find her apartment burglarized and an urn containing her father’s ashes gone.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Sierra Ingram’s north Toledo apartment complex is a quiet one, she said. But recently, someone has been making noise.

She said she woke up on the morning of May 7 to find her wallet, bank cards and ID gone.

“I thought maybe that would’ve been it, you know,” Ingram said. “Just like a robbery or whatever happened.”

Ingram thought she’d seen the worst of it. Then on May 20, she and her daughters returned from a family vacation to Disney World to find her father’s ashes gone as well.

Ingram said her father was a rock in her life, and finding him gone is heartbreaking.

“It’s missed. It’s truly missed,” Ingram said of her father’s presence. “He was the one parent I had continuously.”

Ingram is worried she may never see her dad’s ashes again.

“I don’t have a piece of my dad anymore and I don’t think I’m going to get him back,” Ingram said.

But she’s holding out hope that someone will do the right thing and bring the urn back to her.

“I feel like my dad died again,” Ingram said. “And now I don’t have any way to get him back. I don’t have a piece I can hold onto of him anymore.”

Ingram filed a report with Toledo Police Department, which is investigating the case. WTOL 11 reached out to the department for an update on this case and will provide any updates when they become available.

If you have information, you can call or text Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111. You can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward.