Local firefighter seriously hurt in accident while heading to call

CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. — Friends, family, and loved ones are raising funds for local firefighter Kelly Hull, who was hurt in the line of duty.

According to friends, Hull was heading to a woods and grass fire call on Sept. 4 when he was involved in a serious accident on Lemon Gap Road. Hull’s truck ran off of the road and hit multiple trees.

At this time, Hull is still in the hospital and faces a long road to recovery.

Hull currently works as a firefighter at Casar Volunteer Fire Department, is an assistant chief at South Mountain Fire-Rescue, and used to be a Cleveland County paramedic.

Fellow firefighters William Boice and David Descourouez have started a GoFundMe with a goal of $5,000. All funds will be given to Hull and his family as he works to recover.

Last weekend, Casar Volunteer Firefighters went out to with a boot to collect money for Hull and his family.

Assistant chief of the South Mountains Fire Department, Sean Miller, told Channel 9′s Dave Faherty, that Hull was always ready to help anyone who needed it.

“Once a call would come out or if somebody would come up to his house he would do anything to help whoever was in need,” Miller said.

Casar Fire Department Captain, Eddie Walker, says it’s their turn to help Hull after all he’s done for those around him.

“We’re hoping that he can recover real quick and get back with us,” Walker said, “As much as he has helped all the rest of them it’s our turn to help him “

Firefighters told Faherty Hull has spent much of his time in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit as he continues to recover.

If you would like to donate to Hull’s GoFundMe, please click here.

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