Toilet roll reward offered for return of schoolboy’s cockatiel

A family whose pet cockatiel has flown the coop are offering a much-sought-after reward to the person who helps find him – a pack of toilet rolls.

Oreo, who is seven months old and often sings ‘If you’re happy and you know it’, escaped through the back door of his owners’ home in Norfolk on Friday, March 27th.

Karen Hume, who bought the pet for her 12-year-old son Michael last year, said the bird usually stuck to flying around the lounge but had decided to follow her into the kitchen.

“He’s never escaped before and usually just flies around the lounge. He attaches to me and flies onto my head whenever I move.

“On Friday (27th), about lunchtime, I forgot he was sitting on top of his cage and went into the kitchen to take washing outside.

“Oreo flew towards me and escaped out the back door before I knew he was there.”

– Karen Hume, Oreo’s owner

The government-imposed lockdown rules, in place to try to limit the spread of the coronavirus, means the family can only leave the house once a day for exercise – making it very difficult to go looking for him.

“Michael is very upset and sits in the garden whistling most days. We are searching the village when walking our dogs – but obviously this is only once a day. Friends are doing likewise.”

– Karen Hume, owner of Oreo the cockatiel

The family have received some suspected sightings but, despite reacting as quickly as they can to get to the spot where Oreo has been seen, still haven’t tracked him down.

They’re urging people in the Caister-on-sea area to look out for him during their trips to get groceries or while exercising.

They’re offering a pack of toilet rolls as a reward.