Jacksonville pet store owner says $3K Maltipoo was stolen

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The owner of a Jacksonville pet store says a puppy was taken from her business on Blanding Boulevard and that the person who did it was caught on camera in the act.

Marsha Kello has owned the shop for 21 years. She said a man walked in and looked around before taking off with a Maltipoo on Dec. 16.

“It was around 5 o’clock, and I got a phone call from my store manager,” Kello said. “And she said, ‘We have a puppy stolen.’”

Kello said the dog was being sold for nearly $3,000. She’s worried about the puppy and she said she wants to make sure it gets a good home.

Surveillance footage shows a man wearing a hat walk in, look around at the different pens, and when employees stepped away, the dog is taken out of a pen. The man takes off running out the door.

It unfolded in less than 5 minutes.

“When you take care of these puppies for 21 years, it’s not like getting a T-shirt stolen, it’s like having your child stolen from you,” Kello said.

Kello said the Maltipoo only weighs about 2 pounds and requires special care.

“I think the best thing for their puppy — if you really have a heart — is to bring the puppy back so it can get the care it needs,” Kello said to the person who took the dog.

The owner is offering a $200 reward for anyone who can return the puppy to the shop safely.

She asked anyone with information to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.